Though hunting is an activity that has been around since the stone ages, its purpose has shifted greatly over the years. While initially carried out simply to gather food, today hunting has become more of an often luxurious and extreme recreational activity. Every hunter has a different set of places he or she pledges by that offers the best hunting opportunities. In this article, we have sought to list out some of these places that have been universally loved by hunters all over the world.


Many parts of Africa have earned the reputation of being some of the best hunting zones in the world. Tanzania for instance, located in Eastern Africa is known as the ‘African hunter’s paradise’ and believed to be the ultimate hunting destination for all passionate hunters. The Selous game reserve, located in Tanzania is the largest hunting ground in the world and famous for hunting the Lion, Buffalo, Sitatunga etc. South Central Africa is further, famous for hunting the Cape buffalo, arguably the largest most vicious big game animal in the world. The famous Kruger national park, Kalahari Gemsbok national park etc. are other well-known hunting spots in Southern Africa.


Dense forests, swamplands and more make Mozambique an ideal ground for hunting. So popular was it for the same, that excessive poaching has greatly declined the existence of its entire local species. However, with the government stepping in and introducing new policies for sustained hunting, there has been a radical shift today. The area is now very popular for hunting game like the lion, leopard, elephant, kudu, crocodile and more.


Located in South East Europe, Montenegro has untouched and beautifully vast landscapes, dense forests and a countryside rich in wildlife. This tiny country is well known for hunting a wide array of birds like quail, duck, snipe etc. Further, animals like the wild boar, rabbits, buffalos etc. are hunted here as well.


This landlocked country has about 40 percent of its land covered in forests making it a perfect hunting location. Its 11000 lakes also provide the fishing game as well. The European Bison, the country’s national animal is an exciting animal to hunt here. Belarus’s flat terrains and marshy land add to the thrill of hunting there, making it quite a challenge.


As the second largest country in the world, Canada offers ample opportunities for all hunters. While its plains offer mule deer and whitetails, its skies are filled with ducks and geese, a treat for bird hunters. Early September marks bird season, with a lot of fowl migrating to Alberta. Ontario, on the other hand, is famous for proving hunting game in the form of deer and waterfowl while Newfoundland is rich in Hare and Caribou. Finally, the North and particularly Yukon provides a challenging hunting experience in the form of fishing expeditions for the seal, the Arctic fox and surprisingly even the Beluga whale.

Apart from the listed areas, there are a large number of other places that act as good hunting zones in every corner of the world, each popular for different reasons, like Pakistan for the Himalayan Ibex, Mongolia for the Marco Polo sheep, Alaska for the Musk ox and much more.