Today, the process of hunting has quickly shifted to overhunting, which is the relentless killing of animals by the hundreds with no valid reason or excuse. There are many reasons for such over hunting and most of them cannot be justified in any manner. In this article, we have listed out some of these.


It is a known fact that the population count on our planet has been increasing extensively over the years. As a result, the number of people that are stealing into the wild areas and hunting all species has increased greatly as well. Today more and more people are choosing hunting as a means of economic gains and personal recognition, thus, resulting in the extinction of quite a number of animal species. Further, overpopulation also means a higher demand for raw materials that can only be obtained from wildlife, which is another reason that contributes to overhunting.

2: FOOD:

Since time immemorial human beings have been hunting for the purpose of feeding themselves. Even today, one of the main reasons for overhunting is our need for food that can only be provided by the wilderness. With an increased population and big businesses and restaurants opening up in every corner of the world, this relentless chase for food is being conducted in a very expansive scale, with so many animals killed for their meat, every day.


Cultural and traditional reasons play a huge part in overhunting. Even today there are tribes and religious groups all around the world that observe hunting and killing animals as a cultural or religious practice. For example, many turtle species in Vietnam are on the verge of extinction because some ethnic groups living near the ocean hunt these turtles to make a soup that they believe will make them stronger. Lions are hunted by African tribes as a sign of recognition of their bravery. Goats, monkeys, whales, and many more such animals are hunted all over the world on account of such cultural practices and religious or traditional beliefs.


A lot of people see hunting as either a recreational activity for fun or a sport they indulge in to win awards. While this is banned in many places of the world, it is still legal in few others were prizes are handed out to hunters depending on the kind of species caught or killed. The shooting of birds too is considered a fun activity in many parts of the world and has greatly impacted many bird species.


Another factor that contributes to overhunting is the killing of animals for decorative purposes. Many animal species provide several raw materials that are essential for the manufacture of products like luxury clothing, bags, creams and more. As a result, they are killed to have their fur, tusks, skin and more extracted for the mere purpose or decorating human homes or bodies. Today a lot of popular clothing and cosmetic brands have taken a stand against creating any outfit or product that does harm to animals. Even so, many animals are still over hunted for various reasons, like the tiger and polar bears for their fur, crocodiles for their skin, grey whales for a special kind of oil they produce and many more.