Though hunting is an activity that is loved by millions of people all over the world, they don’t all define it in the same way. This is because there are different methods of hunting, each best suited for different animal species. In this article, we have explored some of these methods.


One of the common types of hunting, using a bow lets you get closer to the primal nature of hunting. It is also very difficult to use a bow because it requires you to be extremely still and has good aim and accuracy. A bow does not have the kind of power a bullet does and thus, many times a single arrow may not do the job. As a result, one might have to carry extra arrows, bow strings, a hunting knife and more, which is quite a lot of gear. However, it is easier to bag big game with a bow as opposed to a rifle because it is quieter and does not scare animals away when you fire an arrow, unlike when you shoot a rifle. For more information on recurve hunting bows, check out!


Rifle hunting is perhaps one of the oldest and most traditional methods of hunting and considered a personal source of achievement for many hunters. There is however much more to it than simply firing into the woods. You need to factor in the type of gun you use, ammunition, appropriate attire, a hunting knife for the purpose of cleaning, and more. Nevertheless, Rifle hunting is much easier than using a bow and arrow for it is easier to just load a rifle as opposed to using a bow which requires more practice and a better aim.


Decoys often reduce the skill level needed by a hunter because it can bring the game to the hunter as opposed to them going after it. These decoys are placed in the line of sight of camouflaged hunters and often accompanied by luring scents or calls. They are mostly used to hunt waterfowl and increase the chance for a successful hunt, especially if one is after meat instead of awards.


Many hunters choose to track their prey instead of laying traps or decoys and waiting for the game to come to them. Tracking requires the hunter to be deadly silent and alert and is often a type of hunting chosen by those who use a bow. Trackers also need to be able to identify animal track marks or any other signs that they have been in the vicinity. A skilled tracker can almost guarantee coming into contact with the animal they are after.

While these are some of the most popular methods of hunting, there are many others as well, which includes using a knife, blinds and hides, setting up snares and more. Every hunter needs to employ more than just a few of these methods to finally zero in on which one fits him the best.