Welcome to COMON

Welcome to COMON, Coalition Of Michigan Organizations of Nursing, the organization dedicated to the advancement of Nursing in the state of Michigan. COMON represents 42 diverse nursing organizations within the State. Our mission is to serve as a vehicle that gives all nurses the opportunity to collectively work toward achieving mutually agreed upon goals for nursing in Michigan.

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COMON Goals for 2012

Each year, the Coalition of Michigan Organizations of Nursing (COMON) selects an Annual Initiative that is significant to nursing. COMON member organizations then incorporate the Initiative into their education and outreach efforts for that year. At the September 15, 2011 meeting of COMON, the group voted to select the Michigan Primary Care Consortium Adult Immunization Initiative as the 2012 COMON Initiative.

This initiative was proposed to COMON by Teresa Wehrwein, PhD, RN, NEA-BC who serves on the Priorities Committee at the Michigan Primary Care Consortium. The Michigan Primary Care Consortium is a statewide group convened to advance the delivery system for preventative services and management of chronic disease in primary care settings throughout Michigan.

The Michigan Primary Care Consortium is an important resource for Michigan nurses as our healthcare system evolves under the pressure of economic, demographic, technological, and legislative forces. As more emphasis is placed on the benefits of preventative services at both State and National levels, COMON urges all Michigan nurses to support the Michigan Primary Care Consortium Initiative of improving immunization and primary care access for all Michigan residents. COMON will assist by discussing ways in which nurses can incorporate this initiative into membership and volunteer activities. For more information on the COMON 2012 Initiative, please go to www.mipcc.org or view a detailed description of the initiative here (PDF).

COMON Officers for 2012

Chair: Linda Taft
Chair-Elect: Charlotte Mather
Secretary: Carole Stacy
Treasurer: Cordelia Tucker
Past Chair: Dee Tyler